Being involved in the South to cook at SUD.

The materials that are the lifeblood of our land, on the market and in the market. The tradition that has nourished and contemporaneity that overwhelms us. The side way of the history of the southern table, seen from a perspective that respects the canon, but agrees to violate it in order to obtain unusual colors. Contingencies.

Ingredients that are usual and forgotten, tools of expression that are made up of details; recovered ingredients; predictable alternatives; unexploded questions. The cuisine of SUD.

our menu proposals*:
"SUD" tasting menu
(composed by chef and same for all diners)
7 courses
euro 76
with paired wines euro 118
"MARIANNA VITALE" tasting menu
(composed by chef and same for all diners)
12 courses
euro 118
with paired wines euro 168

*Please communicate any food allergies or intolerances at the time of booking.

Salt cod cheese-cake (2009)
scented with fennel, with chickpeas, confit tomatoes and lemon peel

Ingredients for 6 people:

500 gr. ofmussillo” salt cod "mussillo" (cooked at 56° in EVO oil for 12 minutes)
100 gr. of chickpeas cream
20 whole chickpeas
6 confit tomatoes
300 gr. of buffalo ricotta cheese
fennel powder
1 lemon
EVO oil

Grease a low mold with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle it with the fennel powder, fill it with lightly worked ricotta with a fork, bake at 200 ° for 10 minutes. Open the cod gently. Decorate the dish with the chickpea cream, the whole boiled chickpeas, the chopped tomato and place the baked ricotta in the center while still hot and place the cod on top. Finish with a grated lemon peel.

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