SUD ristorante
via Ss. Pietro e Paolo 8, Quarto (Napoli)

how to reach us by car from Naples
how to reach us by train from Naples
    (Quarto Officina stop)

*From Sunday June 2nd 2024 closed for renovation works
(for holders of valid gift cards: the duration of the vouchers is automatically extended by a further three months beyond the expiry date shown on the voucher)

All credit cards accepted  All credit cards accepted
Air conditioned internals  Air conditioned internals
External tables  External tables in Spring-Summer
Free wi-fi  Free wi-fi
Little pets admitted  Little pets admitted

Internal parking  Internal parking
Amicar parking spot  Parking spot @ Amicar Sharing

Telefono 081 0202708 / 327 0104725

* Please communicate any food allergies or intolerances at the time of booking.

“Anduvine anduvinatore

figlio ‘e prencepe o gran zignure

ero figlia e mò so’ mamma

tengo ‘nu figlio marito a mamma”

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SUD | Via Santi Pietro e Paolo 8, Quarto (NA) Tel 081 0202708 / 327 0104725 | Send a mail | P.IVA: 05932261216